Living between the shadows of the upper world of Kirnoth the Sparfolk are the hunters and seekers, clawing out a meager existence with the other races of the lower world.

The Sparfolk live in hunting tribes lead by a matriarch, and typically consisting of family groups. Male Sparfolk are usually solitary hunters, or seek their fortune away from the tribe. Sparfolk males are not loyal, and will take any opportunity to mate with a female of their race that presents itself. It is very uncommon for a young Sparfolk to know its father at all, being raise predominantly within the tribe with the aid of the other females.
Sparfolk are religious and worship both ancestors and spirits. Chief among the great spirits is Grandmother, she is said to be the first of the Sparfolk, and is often prayed to for wisdom and guidance. There are also a handful of spirits that are not ancestors that the Sparfolk speak of, Jasper the trickster male spirit, Khana the huntress, Bungin the courier who transports the spirits of the dead, and Lugena the hearth spirit keeper of the flame.

Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma and -2 Constitution
Average Height: M: 5’8”-6’ F: 5’2”-5’6”
Average Weight: 120 – 200 lbs
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft
Vision: Darkvision 60ft
Languages: Common and choice of one other.

Cat’s Luck: Members of this race gain the following extraordinary ability: Once per day, when a member of this race makes a Reflex saving throw, it can roll the saving throw twice and take the better result. It must decide to use this ability before attempting the saving throw

Lucky, Lesser: Members of this race gain a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.

Claws: Members of this race receive two claw attacks. These are primary natural attacks dealing 1D4 damage.


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